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10 August 2008 @ 07:02 pm
Since I really know that people like to do "spy work" as they say xD I decided to make my journal Friends Only, so I can write what I want without problems!<3 And then, I think that our "diary" is something to keep for our friends and not for the first one who wants to steal infos about my life! (^-^)

The banner is made by me, do not steal, thanks! :D
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06 July 2008 @ 07:27 pm
Fuck you Sunrise.
I usually never wrote something here, but today I'm really disappointed.


I was astonished and sad when I saw that Shirley wasn't in the image of the opening... but... I can't accept this. The end of the episode was terrible. I'll watch it tomorrow and then, stop. Never again.

The only thing I loved was the image of Shirley by CLAMP, simply wonderful.

I don't want Lelou to agonize like that! ;___________;

Again, fucking Sunrise, fuck you.
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31 December 2007 @ 05:54 pm
 First of all, happy new year! *-*
I decided to make a sorta of chart of the year! *___* With anime & manga, obviously XD

Best male character: Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) / Rokudo Mukuro (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)
Best female character: Kuchiki Rukia (Bleach)
Best anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Best manga: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro / Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle / Erementar Gerad
Best song: Daybreak's Bell (L'Arc~en~Ciel - Gundam 00 op1)
Best male seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama
Best female seiyuu: Fumiko Orikasa / Yukana
Best mangaka: Matsuri Hino (Merupuri, Vampire Knight)
Best quote: "Yuki ga doshite shiroi ga, shiteiru ka." (By C.C. - Code Geass episode 11)

It was quite hard for the manga! ;__; And I can't decide between Lulu and Mukuro-sama! >_<
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31 October 2007 @ 04:42 pm
Yo! XD I usually write something just when I don't know what to do, but today it's a bit special: it's Halloween! XD I made a fanart for a contest in a forum, so I'm going to post it here! ^.^ I'm not very good at drawing, but I love contests! *__* For me Halloween means cosplay, so I decided to do a fanart of Allen-kun with Zero's clothes! O_o Zero looks like a vampire, and that's it! XD

Happy Halloween to all! *_____________*

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09 August 2007 @ 05:15 pm

Hi! ^_^
I didn't wrote here from ages! XD I'm back today! ^_^
In those days I'm sooooo bored of all! -_- I looked at the date of the exams and they're too near! ;_; I'd like to jump this section, but it's impossible, so I started to study, even if I'm not too much on that! XD
I rather prefer read mangas and yesterday I read quite a lot! °_° I finally read Bleach 15 XD And the last manga of the evening was Honey & Clover, but I don't like it very much! o_O I still have to finish it, but I can't understand why it is one of the beloved manga of my friends! O_O It's so strange and different from the others.. maybe for this! o.o I still can't understand! XD When I see the dear friend who's lending me this manga, I'll ask her!
But the most important news of the day it's from my dear brother akira_ks! She told to my sister that Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! will be published in Italy too! *__* In a wonderful  edition! <3 I hope that the translation will be good too! ^.^ I can't wait to read it in Italian! *dies* Mukuro... Dino... :Q____ I hope that this time tha quality of the paper will be good! Y_Y Can't wait to take it in Lucca! *__*
I think that's because of the coming exams that I'm becoming foolish! XD In these day I even started to think to all Code Geass characters and the preferences that I do watching the episodes ... I'm always sure that the best couple would be Shirley x Lulu, I'll always be their first supporter (I hope I'm not the only one XD)! <3 But I'm sure that a relation between Lulu and C.C. won't be that bad, and if they really love each others, it would be good, because the thing that I want it's Lulu's happyness! Y_Y (even if mine will be appreciated too! XD)
Tonight I slept with Sougo's plush °_° (he's one character of Gintama), he's so soft! <3 But my skin was broken by Lulu's figure who was under it! O_O I should put all away from the bed! XD But I can't spleep without Lulu near me! ;_; I even hung the cell that I bought near my bed! *-*<3 I know I'm totally crazy and childish! XD

I'm waiting for Neuro's romance (I think that's a romance °_°), I hope it will arrive this week! *_* If the postman wouldn't take it on saturday, I will chase him with my dog until he dies! *__* I want my Neuro! <3 He's wonderful in that cover with Sasazuka-san! :Q__ I hope to understand at least some words and if I'm lucky, the general plot! ;__;

Saa I hope to post soon, maybe when Neuro will be mine! *___*

*watches the scanner*

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29 July 2007 @ 06:34 pm

Yesterday was the day that I was waiting for... The day of the last two episodes of Code Geas... em035.gif
I ended to watch the whole episodes at 2.45 a.m. and I was totally shocked about them..

I dislike the fact that Dalton died without understanding what he was doing there... He spent his whole life for Euphie and for Cornelia, and he was the one who hit her! WHY?? It was really a kightmare for me, seeing that it was because Lulu used his Geass, but at the end it is normal for him; using the others for his sake...bruto.gif
About  Lulu and CC, I think that it is clear that he loved her, or he didn't tell her that in all the other lives he would surely be at her side, as fellow or other things, it doesn't matter em035.gif My Lulu em035.gif em037.gif
Arsa (Arthur XD) was LOL, I won't ever think to a thing like that! °_° He was a hero! I'm thankful  to him and Suzaku because if they weren't there, I can't think to which would be happened to Shirley! ç_ç And that poor Rivalz, he was really sweet! I never thought that he would try to protect Millay, Shirley and Nunnally like that! em016.gif Sure thate he's a great guy! bruto.gif

I was rolling on the floor with Orenji! XD When he went out the first time, screaming "All Hail Britannia" or something like thatXD.gif I was dying hearing his voice yelling "ZEROOOOOOOOO!!!" XD.gif At the edn he was the only enemy that fought nicely against CC and Lulu, and CC died (maybe?) for destroy him! twinkle.gif

Poor Cornelia... I was sad to see her in that mood and in that way... I liked the part when she talked to Suzaku, it has been there that I began to cry, and I ended at the end of the episode! em035.gif Then, I can't undersand... Schneizel knows who killed Marianne-sama? o_O I hope to know it someday em013.gif Anyway, I didn't understood the fact that Suzaku already knew about Zero/Lulu! ç_ç What a sad face when he saw Lulu without the helmet! ç_ç banzai.gif And Karen too, poor her! She was totally shocked... banzai.gif And that Lulu who continued to say that it was Euphie's 043.gif What the f**k are you doing?? You kill her and after that you try to defame her trying to be the one who's right?? This is totally a crap, what a coward...
Wonderful Ceciru-san em033.gif She shocked me positively, and I'm happy that she's not dead!twinkle.gif And is thanking her and Lloyd that all the students of the Ashford Gakuen are safe! em029.gif But I wanted to see lloyd without glasses when Suzaku punched him!XD.gif I wanted to drool Dd.gif em041.gif XD.gif
And then... Nina... What the hell was she trying to do with that kind of bomb?? I hope she won't do anything with that! >_>
About Viletta... em002.gif What was she doing?? I can't inderstand how she remember all and then she just went to shoot to Ougi! ç_ç Poor him!banzai.gif
The first Prince of Britannia is... em036.gif*speachless runs away*
It was a wonderful series, but... Will there ever be an end?em020.gif Lulu, I want to believe in you! I think that at the end in the cave, is a fourth person who shoot! I'm sure! *__*

I'm going, OMG! I hope to see soon news about the new series! ç_ç

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10 July 2007 @ 06:19 pm

Just after a day? XD
Yes, I'm here! *___* I put another layout, I'm so in love with Neuro...<3 And I decided that the second version should be for him! ^___^
*screams that the anime begins in October*
That's all @_@ XD

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09 July 2007 @ 07:02 pm

OMG!!! Finally it has been announced! I don't know when... But Neuro's anime will be on the screens!! Yay! I'm too excited about this! @_@ My dream come true! *_* It's a miracle!! >o< I hope it would be well-realized... I will collapse, it is sure! XD NEUROOOO! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *-*<3 I'm too happy, yes XD
Anyway... *tries to become normal*
I never wrote something about the Italian version of the manga of MAR °_° At the begin (when I read the first volume), I thought it has a really good traslation! *_* But when I read the second one... OMG! >_> The principal fact is the for Italy the piece of the Knight is called "Cavallo" (Horse in English), and he's called "The First Horse" =_= It becomes a ridiculous nickname for him! :°D My poor beloved Phantom! XD I hope he will never reach a news like this! XDDD And then... I'm too shocked for the end of Omega with just the fourth volume... O_O I'd like to see all the old characters there, but at the end... I think that it had not all the succes of MAR, but I can't understand why... I love so much this manga! ç_ç And Elisa is so adorable! <3 What a pity :° I hope to read soon the "end" anyway! Even if I can't imagine a good end with just a volume O_o" I will wait till the end of the month, if I remember well, that's the date for the next number of Omega. so the last one ç_ç

I found the new covers of the DVD of MAR yesterday! *_*
My Phantom and Aran are the protagonist XD

I'm waiting to find Neuro's merchandise! *___* I know it's a bit early XD I want a Neuro figure! X°°°°°°°°°°°°

Ok, I'm going now! xD *spreading Neuro's love*

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04 July 2007 @ 06:20 pm

Yo! XD
I'm still waiting for my packages ç_ç But nothing is arrived!! >_< Kusooo!! Anyway, I'm happy this week! *_* I was mad because I can't see the chapters of Neuro, but between yesterday and today I watched both the 114 and the 115! They were amazing! OoO But I'm still thinking to what X is going to do with Yako-chan... Kuso X, I hate you and Eye >_>
What's new today? The new raw of Bleach! *_* I saw the new ending... It's... <_< Horrible? Yes, that's it! I was afraid that it would be with Orihime, and it was so, but they could do something better with the images -_- I'd like to see MORE characters instead of streets and mountains! =_= I hop that it will end with the last filler episode! -___-" I'm tired of all those senseless episodes! ._.
LOL! Yesterday I decided to do my mood icons XD The main theme is Death Note, I'm totally mad for it XDDDD I put the most funny pictures I found (apart from Misa XD). Mikami ftw!

I saw I never wrote something about me! XD
Let's begin! *__*

Age: 21, born on the 18th January
City: Messina, in Italy (I wish I were born in Japan ;_;)
Work: Not a work, but I study Languages at the University ^_^
Nicknames: I usually use Miriallia or Katsumi °_° But you can find me as Linalee, Diana or Rukia
Manga of the moment: Full Metal Alchemist *_*
Anime of the moment: Bleach
Manga (scans) of the moment: Absolutely Neuro <3
Anime I'm watching: Bleach, D.Gray-man (OMG I don't like very much the anime -_-), Kataikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, Gintama, Romeo x Juliet (*-*<3), Hayate no Gotoku, Claymore, Welber no Monogatari, Lovely Complex, Shining Tears x Wind, Kekkaishi
Manga I'm reading: Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Gantz, Marchen Awakens Romance, Claymore, Air Gear, Hanakimi, Houshin Engi, Prince of Tennis, Fruits Basket, Hikaru no Go, Death Note, Parfait Tic, Tsubasa Chronicle, D.Gray-man, Mermaid Melody (XDDDD), DN Angel
Scans I'm reading: NEURO!! *-*, Bleach, D.Gray-man, Mx0
What I like to do: updating my sites, playing with my dog, singing (not very good at it ^_^"), making puzzles, learning new languages, collecting gadgets, cards, figures, keychains...
Music: J-Pop, J-Rock
Favourite Artist: Takanori Nishikawa!!! :Q___
Pets: a dog, Jono *-*
Things I love: plushes, colored pens, cute things in general XD
My sites: http://www.marheavenj.net (a site on Marchen Awakens Romance, both in Italian and in English, even if we are still working for the second part); http://www.bleachrevolution.net (a site about Bleach, but just in Italian)

I think that's all at the moment.. I'm waiting for my packages and the new chapters of Neuro and Reborn! XDDD

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29 June 2007 @ 03:51 pm
Finally I ended my exams! >_< It was VERY hard, but now I'm free and I can do what I want! *___*
I have lots of mangas to read, OMG! And so many episodes of anime to see... @_@" The last one I saw is the RAW of the last episode of Death Note... I'm still shocked from the different end of the series... IT'S TOO DIFFERENT! *_* I don't know if being happy for Light or not... But I still like Misa and L more than him! >_>"
Yesterday I bought a Timcanpi plush! *-* I hope it will arrive soon, I'm becoming mad about all the things I bought on the net, because nothing is arrived, apart a set of stickers of Houshin Engi... ._. And still.... I want the new keychain of Katekyou Hitman Reborn! *_* In this collection there are Mukuro and Dino, I hope that august will come soon so I can order them somewhere! >_<
These two figures are the last thing I received (but they're a present from my sister! *-*).

Ringo is my sister's! >_> I totally hate her!! >_< Simca and Kururu are too sweet! *_* I love particularly Simca's figure because of the clothes!! *--*<3 She's my favourite character of Air Gear! <3 I think that she has a very strong personality! *_* I see her very well with Spit Fire! XD He's too a great person and lol! XDDDD *dies* I'm so happy that there's the Italian version of the manga, but it is still too slow! >o< I can't wait every month! XDDDD But kyaaa!!! In this volume there was Akito! yaaaay!!!! He's one of my favourite ones!! <3

But in this period I'm depressed... I'd like to see the 114th chapter of Neuro, but it isn't in any of the sites that I check... I would be happy just knowing what X is doing with Yako! Y_Y And Neuro???? *goes mad*

Ok, that's all (I think XD)! I hope to post more in these days! yaaa
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